Exciting news for the farm for 2019!!!!

We are pleased and excited to announce that a select few of our Nigerian Dwarf goats will be participating in the 2019 West National Goat show hosted in Edmonton, Alberta during K-Days!  Come and cheer us on, July 20th and 21st! 

In addition to getting our beautiful animals out to the show, we are also going to be participating in the 2019 classification program. This program will score the animals whom we sign up, and help us determine what areas we need to improve upon for confirmation. This is going to be very exciting! 

Follow this link to see more about K-Days!


Our family has been blessed with the opportunity to inherit a small but beautiful herd of Kinder goats! Our dear friends at Heartland's Kinder Goats have passed their beloved herd onto us, and we cannot wait to do them proud by continuing to grow the breed here in Canada. To learn more about Kinder Goats, please follow the link below!

Kinder Goats

Welcome to our farm!

Welcome to our little farm! We live on 10 acres in a Rural Albertan place called Demmitt.  

We are dedicated to raising Nigerian Dwarf goats with an emphasis on hardy, healthy animals who are phenomenal mothers, well tempered, true to the breed standard with a continuation of improving confirmation, as well as strong consistent milking lines and a strong mothering instinct. To this extent, we have brought in animals and bloodlines from across Canada who we feel most accurately represent our ambitions. There are currently two herd-names on the property, the first being Kevlor's, owned by Lorna & Kevin Lupichuk. Secondly we have Lupin's herd which is owned by Thaney Lupichuk. We annually test for disease such as CAE and Johnnes, and to date are CL abscess free. 

In addition to our Nigerians, we also raise registered and unregistered Pygmy goats (the real deal); as well as NEW Kinder Goats and registered Finn sheep. 

We are rural Northern homesteaders

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We chose the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed as one we wanted due to the awesome milk production capabilities that they pack into such a small body! That characteristic paired along with the wide variety of beautiful colors they come in and their sweet, loving temperaments; made it a very easy decision for us! We have gone with registered stock so that we can track bloodlines, and ensure we have among the best milking and confirmation lines available. 

Pygmy Goats

Not to be forgotten on our farm is our lovely small herd of registered and unregistered Pygmy goats! Where-as the Nigerian is a milk-based goat, the Pygmy was originally bred to be a dual purpose animal for both meat and milk. In this day and age however, the true Pygmy has become so rare in Canada that they are still mostly being bred for breeding stock to keep the breed alive. Many people mistake Nigerian's for being a Pygmy, however a Pygmy only actually has 7 recognized color/pattern variations allowed in the standard, most of these being on a general grey-silver-black agouti scale, with some others in the caramel variety. They are just as cute as the Nigerians, with maybe a touch bit more attitude!